Thursday, August 27, 2020

Types Of Cloud Services

Cloud computing services are categories mainly three types as below:

1. SAAS - Software as a services
2. PAAS - Platform as a services
3. IAAS - Infrastructure as a services

As in the above picture you can see end use can hit only SAAS model and internally SAAS hit to PAAS and IAAS.

 1. SAAS (Software as a services):
  • SASS services = SAAS + PASS + IAAS
  • This services is just start using the software after getting the license or free one just need to register and start using.
  • Generally software companies buy PASS environments then host their software and start selling the software as SAAS model.
  • End user use the software thought internet or VPN connection.
  • Most of the customer sell SAAS on daily ,monthly,quarterly or yearly plan based on the data usage.
  • Common SAAS model software are gmail,CRM and accounting software, if you need CRM or accounting software just start paying on plan and start using the software.
  • SaaS is closely related to the application service provider (ASP) and on demand computing software delivery models.
 2. PAAS (Platform as a services):
  • PASS services = PASS + IAAS
  • This include operating system, database ,web server and development tools.
  • This provide the infrastructure to host the applications in web server and development environment to build the applications in other word this is complete development and deployment environment. 
  • This service is mostly used by IT engineers.
 3. IAAS (Infrastructure as a services):
  • IASS is purely hardware environment and this includes virtual machine,storage, load balancing and networking.
  • This can quickly scales up and down on demand.

4. Other cloud services:

I. FAAS (Function as service) : This follow the serverless architecture.
II. Communications As A Service (CAAS)
III. Network As A Service (NAAS)
IV. Monitoring As A Service (MAAS)

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